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Testoviron Depot 250mg by Bayer 300 Amps (Shipping Included From Philippine)

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Product Description


Testoviron is a blend of two different products, namely testosterone with the propionate (short) ester attached, and testosterone with the Enanthate (long) ester attached. Confusingly, Schering, who produces this product, also has a pure testosterone Enanthate product of the same name. Testosterone is usually attached to an ester (i.e. when you buy testosterone propionate, or Enanthate the components of this particular drug, you are buying testosterone with a propionate ester attached and testosterone with an Enanthate ester attached, both in the same milliliter of drug). These esters determines how long it takes your body to dispose of the testosterone, and propionate is the shortest ester commonly available with a testosterone base (of course, testosterone suspension has no ester), whereas Enanthate is the longest generally available with a testosterone base. Within your body, there are enzymes, called esterases, which have the function of removing the ester from steroids, and leaving you with just the steroid molecule with the ester cleaved off. Depending on how heavy the ester chain is, that determines how long it takes the esterase to remove it. With this product, you have testosterone with a heavy chain (which will take your esterases awhile to remove) as well as with a short chain (which your esterases will quickly remove).

Testoviron is a mixed testosterone injectable (propionate/enanthate), produced by the firm Schering in many parts of the world. Since Schering also uses the Testoviron brand name to market pure Testosterone enanthate,  one should not confuse all such items with this mixed preparation. In  fact most preparations found circulating with Testoviron Depot brand  name are actually the Testosterone enanthates, which are vastly more  popular among athletes. When locating the Testoviron, we notice they are  prepared in a number of different strengths. This product will contain a  base of Testosterone enanthate, with a lesser amount of Testosterone  propionate added in. Being much faster acting, the Testosterone  propionate gives us a quick effect while the enanthate in Testoviron is  slowly reaching circulation. The result is an injectable that will  increase the Testosterone level very quickly; yet sustain an elevation  for approximately two to three weeks. The design of Testoviron Depot is  therefore similar to that of the testosterone blend Sustanon, although  Testoviron will remain active in the body for a noticeably shorter  duration. Testviron advantages: Testoviron is clearly not an unusual compound, as Testoviron would obviously have an effect similar to other blended testosterone products such as Sten and Sustanon.  One can expect to see a rapid buildup of strength and muscle mass  during a cycle of Testoviron Depot, as is to be expected with all  injectable testosterones. This will likely go hand in hand with a  noticeable level of water retention, as testosterone in Testoviron  converts into estrogen quite readily. A loss of muscle definition is  likely to result, as subcutaneous water and fat stores reduce the  visibility of muscle features. For this reason the drug is not the ideal  item for cutting phases of training. The added estrogen level may also  cause the development of gynecomastia. In order to reduce this  possibility, sensitive individuals may need to add an antiestrogen like NolvadexProviron during each Testoviron cycle. In Testoviron testosterone preparations  will also suppress endogenous androgen levels, so a stimulating drug  like HCG and/or Clomid/Nolvadex may be  needed to avoid a post-cycle crash. Since this effect of Testoviron is  particularly pronounced with testosterone, a combi and/or nation of both drugs  may prove to be the most useful in many cases.

Testoviron 250 is an injectable steroid made by Schering, its active substance is Testosterone Enanthate.
Testosterone Enanthate is probably the most commonly used form of testosterone by both athletes and bodybuilders alike.
Testoviron 250 is an oil based injectable steroid, which is designed to slowly release testosterone from the injection site. This slow release delivery leads to an elevation in testosterone levels lasting for approximately two weeks (it may even take as long as three weeks for the drug levels to fully diminish). Due to its relatively long activity level, Testosterone Enanthate is favored by the medical profession and is primarily used to treat cases of hypogonadism and similar disorders where low androgen levels are at fault. As with all testosterone products it has strong anabolic and androgenic activity. Gains in strength and muscle mass are notable, along with an increase in libido. It has also been noted that a relief in tendon pain and an increase in stamina are direct effects of Testoviron 250 administration. This is probably due to increased water retention coupled with an increase in red blood cells – leading to a greater oxygen uptake in the blood.
Testosterone is a highly anabolic and androgenic hormone, it has an anabolic (muscle building) as well as anabolic rating of 100 each, respectively. Testoviron 250 exerts the majority of its effects by promoting increased nitrogen retention in the muscle. Testoviron 250 is also known to increases levels of the growth factor IGF-1 in both the muscle tissue as well as the liver. This steroid also increases the activity of satellite cells, which are cells that play an active role in repairing exercise-damaged muscle. Testoviron 250 exerts these effects primarily by genomic mechanisms, meaning that it binds to the androgen receptor (AR) thus initiating gene transcription. This stimulation of the AR promotes various of the AR dependant mechanisms for both muscle gain and fat loss, as well as reducing catabolic glucocorticoid hormones, and increasing red blood cell production.

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